About me

I'm a Character Artist with additional interests in shaders and 3D art in general.

For as long as I can remember I've always been creating - either drawing my own characters, making my own Pokemon TCG playmats, sculpting, or painting with oils and aquarelle. 


My passion for games started early, growing up with playing games like Metal Gear, Morrowind, Mass Effect and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (which I still hold very dearly).

When I'm not working I enjoy playing hours upon hours of Arkham Horror (The board game) together with my friends, or I spend my time watching playthroughs of retro- and fmv games.

Sara Åkerström

Stockholm, Sweden

Software proficiency



Course Instructor at Tekniska Museet
Stockholm, Sweden

3D Graphics at Futuregames
Stockholm, Sweden

3D Artist Consultant
Arctic Fox Game Studios
Distance, Sweden

3D Art Internship
GroPlay Digital AB
Stockholm, Sweden

3D Graphics
Falun, Sweden

Sara Åkerström - Character Artist